Secular Fundamentalism: Divide and Conquer

Secular fundamentalism is being pounded into American consciousness, and I believe it is from outside sources, experts on propaganda, like China or Russia. One characteristic of expert or elite propaganda is you do not know you are being subjected to it. The purpose is to divide this country into “armed camps” pitted against each other. … Read more

Grizzly (Mad)Man

I vaguely remember a movie from 20 or 30 years ago called “Grizzly Man,” wherein a deluded animal lover decided to ditch it all and go and live among the bears. I believe he moved to Alaska, but it could’ve been anywhere where bears roam free and humans rightly fear to tread. This depressed idiot, … Read more

You Sweet, Sweet, Evil Child Corruption Factories

It all comes back to the movie, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The first one, anyway. The new Timothy Chalamet one is just bad, and the tone of the Johnny Depp remake may have been closer to the original book, but it sucks next to the classic Gene Wilder 1980’s one. And that’s the problem. … Read more

Locked Into the Misinformation Prison

I am an anti-Trump Democrat but very early in the pandemic I became extremely alarmed about the vaccine. I have a background in science and what I was frantically reading every day, 9 hours a day, did not look good at all. I was in a group of scientists, doctors and an actuary which read … Read more

Why Is Trump So Beloved by His Evangelical Followers?

I can’t figure it out. These are supposedly Christian people who believe, like Jesus, in loving your neighbor, believe in the moral code reinforced by Jesus (thou shalt not commit adultery; thou shalt not kill, turn the other cheek). Adultery is the least of Trump’s sexual sins and when he said “I could murder someone … Read more

A Win-Win Scenario for Future Wars

I read one of those One Hundred Years Ago prediction articles earlier today. They’re fun to check out, if only for the “Dear God, we were so wrong. Why do we ever listen to predictions?” aspect of them. One of the predictions from 1924 was that in 2024 there would be no war. Humanity will … Read more

America Has Totally Lost the Moral High Ground

Enjoy our empire in decline…it’s generally the fun part. Assuming we ever actually had the moral high ground, it’s now gone. And I say, “good riddance.” It’s a position that blinds you to reality, confuses honest diplomacy, and allows smugness to reign supreme. Nobody likes deluded arrogance, and that’s basically been our default position. I’m … Read more