Secular Fundamentalism: Divide and Conquer

Secular fundamentalism is being pounded into American consciousness, and I believe it is from outside sources, experts on propaganda, like China or Russia. One characteristic of expert or elite propaganda is you do not know you are being subjected to it. The purpose is to divide this country into “armed camps” pitted against each other. … Read more

Why Is Trump So Beloved by His Evangelical Followers?

I can’t figure it out. These are supposedly Christian people who believe, like Jesus, in loving your neighbor, believe in the moral code reinforced by Jesus (thou shalt not commit adultery; thou shalt not kill, turn the other cheek). Adultery is the least of Trump’s sexual sins and when he said “I could murder someone … Read more

Evicted from Heaven

Christian exclusivism states that “Christians are the only ones going to heaven. Everybody else is left behind.” Of course many other religions say the same thing, but let’s ponder the Christian exclusive club. So before Jesus came there was nobody in heaven except God and angels. When the first official Christian died, there was only … Read more

Religious Intolerance

I read a newspaper article a few months ago about an Amish guy and his stalwart band of reeeeaaaallllyyy un-merry men who got arrested for forcibly cutting off the beards and pony-tails of other Amish people he accused of not being Amish enough. NOT AMISH ENOUGH? Let that sink in for a second. That’s like … Read more

May the Good Lord’s Holy Penis Bless You and Keep You Safe

God does not have a gender. HE’S not a dude. SHE’S not a chick. THEY’RE not a transgender person of indiscriminate genital-orientation. Period. We anthropomorphize everything. Cartoon turtles on TV ads lecturing their co-workers about the value of certain auto insurance policies. We describe interlocking building materials as having “the male part” and “the female … Read more

Coronavirus Spirituality

The coronavirus pandemic slams us in the face with spiritual shortcomings: Remember HIV? What was blamed? A monkey in Africa, despite the impossibility of one monkey bite causing an explosion of HIV in Haiti, New York, Miami and San Francisco. Now it’s bats. Suppose the virus was lab-created and it escaped from the lab. The … Read more