questioning leads to discovery


Don’t accept what you’ve been spoon-fed all your life.
Don’t submit to the whims of the masters of the universe willingly.
Don’t be another sheep who thinks he’s a wolf.

Question everything.
Question why the sky is blue.
Question why you hold the political beliefs you hold.
Question why Burger Kings still exist when no one ever eats there.
Question every single minute detail of what you encounter every day. Your life will be richer and a lot more interesting.

We’re living in an era where almost all of the systems which control our lives have been thoroughly gamed by the already-powerful. Politics? Check. Religion? Check. Corporate Culture? A thousand checks.

But here’s the secret they don’t want you to know – You have more power than you think. That’s why they go to such great lengths to make you think you don’t. If they weren’t afraid of you they wouldn’t have to.

On this site we cover a range of topics, in a variety of styles, at different positions along the spectrum of seriousness.

The Heretic Picayune is the first step toward a vastly more interesting society. And it starts with the simple act of questioning.

The Brink of Fascism – Another View

No, Alice, it's Mainly "Disowning Projection" -- the Dems ARE bringing us to the Brink of Fascism, because They're Acting ...
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The Brink of Fascism

The Dems are bringing us to the brink of Fascism by clinging to their candidate after the disastrous debate of ...
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If This Is the Bizarre Place Where Gender Now Is, Let’s Take Advantage of It

Like most middle-age men in America, this whole explosion of transgenderism has taken me by surprise. Even if it is ...
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Secular Fundamentalism: Divide and Conquer

Secular fundamentalism is being pounded into American consciousness, and I believe it is from outside sources, experts on propaganda, like ...
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Grizzly (Mad)Man

I vaguely remember a movie from 20 or 30 years ago called “Grizzly Man,” wherein a deluded animal lover decided ...
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Bad News, Good News

The Bad News is that 2/3 of Congress is Not on Our Side, the Good News is We’re still Technically ...
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On Skepticism

My upcoming book, Redeeming Christianity, (soon to be published by Bilbo Books) contains these quotes on skepticism by Paramahansa Yogananda ...
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Eclipse Madness: Going Sane

The digital world is so alluring. It can leave us breathless, invoke love and even bring us to ourselves when ...
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You Sweet, Sweet, Evil Child Corruption Factories

It all comes back to the movie, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The first one, anyway. The new Timothy Chalamet ...
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Locked Into the Misinformation Prison

I am an anti-Trump Democrat but very early in the pandemic I became extremely alarmed about the vaccine. I have ...
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