If This Is the Bizarre Place Where Gender Now Is, Let’s Take Advantage of It

Like most middle-age men in America, this whole explosion of transgenderism has taken me by surprise. Even if it is mainly an internet-phenom designed to keep us arguing about politics so we don’t notice the bigger, evil government stuff, it’s still freaking fascinating. Who could’ve predicted it?

Yes, it’s new.

Yes, it’s full of too much righteous anger from both sides.

Yes, it’s trying to fundamentally change how humans view gender in the future.

BUT, if this is where we are, instead of shouting at each other in public parks and on social media, let’s use it to solve some age-old gender problems.

Men and women have NEVER truly understood each other. As much as women think they understand men, they don’t. Men, to our credit, have never pretended we understand women. Women usually only know surface-level men stuff. That’s partly our fault for not sharing our innermost thoughts with women, and partly their fault for hating us when we do. If women would stop assuming we can read their minds/moods like they can to each other, it would help. If men would share a few more feelings, just a few, it would help.

But now that we’re getting women who used to be boys and men who used to be girls, as bad for high school sports and as confusing as it is, let’s reframe our minds so we can, at least, begin to understand each other.

Let the new-women, former boys, tell the always women, former girls, what men really want. Let the new-men, former girls, tell the always men, former boys, what women truly want. If done right, we could eliminate a third of marital fights and cut down on the divorce rate…assuming the next generation doesn’t want to reform society by replacing all words with emojis or eliminating marriage, which is my guess for their rebellion of choice.