The Brink of Fascism – Another View

No, Alice, it’s Mainly “Disowning Projection” — the Dems ARE bringing us to the Brink of Fascism, because They’re Acting like the Fascists

While I agree with Alice that Fascism is somewhat “on the rise,” I take issue with her take on where that Fascism is actually coming from. The reason the “news” calls Trump a Fascist is more about scaring us into submission, so that we’ll vote the straight bureaucratic ticket. That’s what the Democratic Party has recently become, spokesmen for the collective functionaries who have run everything just barely below the surface. That’s not democracy, that’s not even a republic. That’s light Fascism.

And while Trump’s rhetoric does, when you take out the tone, seem kind of scary, they always fail to show that he’s mainly joking, which is obvious when you see the video, but not so much when you read it on the page. Also, a simple side-by-side comparison of which party is acting more Fascist shows that the Democrats have a big lead. Which party kept primary opponents off of state ballots?Democrats. Which party tried to put its political opponent in jail because they knew he was more popular? Democrats. Which party directed censorship of common sense medical advice during the “pandemic”? That would once again be the Democrats.

So, yes, there is growing Fascism, but it’s sneakier than it once was. It now dresses in progressive clothing.