On Skepticism

My upcoming book, Redeeming Christianity, (soon to be published by Bilbo Books) contains these quotes on skepticism by Paramahansa Yogananda. Useful principles for thinking… “There are two kinds of doubt: destructive and constructive. Destructive doubt is habitual skepticism. Men who cultivate that attitude disbelieve blindly; they shun the work of impartial investigation. Skepticism is a … Read more


They’ve been called a lot of different names over the years: ad guys, mad men, spin doctors, Satan’s little helpers. And those are just a few. These are the people who tell us what to buy, where to buy it, and how it will make us cooler and more attractive to the opposite sex. They … Read more

The Male-Pattern-Morning-Ritual

Your morning bathroom routine, much like your ear hair, is something that never stops growing until you die. By my reckoning, this process, when fully explored over the course of an average American lifetime, slowly grows, then dips greatly, then begins its true slow rise from a process that takes roughly ten minutes every morning … Read more

Early Organizational Names That Didn’t Make the Cut

The League of Women Voters took a circuitous path to its current mission. It began The League of Women Moaters, a traveling moat upkeep operation, which suffered mightily to stay profitable, mainly due to America’s severe lack of castles. Next it became The League of Women Motorists, and was taunted so mercilessly that it quickly … Read more

The State of Illegal Discounts

Two Wisconsin gas stations are suing a local competitor for selling gas at TOO LOW A PRICE. For real, this is actually happening, at a time when everyone is overpaying for gas, mainly because of opportunism. Apparently there is a law in the Badger State, Wisconsin’s Unfair Sales Act, that prevents stores from selling products … Read more

Just Tell Me What The Guy Said Already!

I hate it when the news reports on something offensive that some famous guy said…and then doesn’t mention the offensive something. Don’t get me wrong, I love it as much as the next guy when, in an unscripted moment of rare celebrity honesty, Justin Bieber is caught on tape professing his hatred for Asian midgets, … Read more

Why Don’t They Tell You Any Of This Stuff Before It Happens?

or (alternative title) We’re All Aging, We’re Just Doing It Wrong Despite what The Disney Channel, “The National Enquirer” and your mother told you, aging isn’t everything. Reporters seem intent on mentioning their subjects’ ages, even when the article has nothing to do with age. We have these pre-set notions about what we’re supposed to … Read more

Insurance/Organized Crime (more thoughts)

Is there really that much of a difference? Insurance began as a wonderful idea. A truly generous, magnanimous and world-changing concept. Someone once told me that the original idea for insurance came from a group of Chinese fishermen, who would each put aside one fish from their day’s haul to give to the fisherman who … Read more

Insurance/Organized Crime (some thoughts)

Is there really that much of a difference? Long ago the insurance company was your friend. I just love the ads today about what friends they continue to be. Oh yeah? Well no. They admit it’s very harmful for you to make a claim because your reputation with them will be permanently blackened. You are … Read more

Buy It, Buy It Now!

Buy it, even though we’re not going to tell you anything about it. Advertising doesn’t have to be as weird as it is. It could just be companies listing what products they sell. It once WAS just companies listing what products they sell. That ad strategy makes sense, is simple and tells people who want … Read more