Early Organizational Names That Didn’t Make the Cut

The League of Women Voters took a circuitous path to its current mission.

It began The League of Women Moaters, a traveling moat upkeep operation, which suffered mightily to stay profitable, mainly due to America’s severe lack of castles. Next it became The League of Women Motorists, and was taunted so mercilessly that it quickly changed missions again to become The League of Women Notaries, a small but purposeful group of dedicated seal-affixers. In order to recruit more people to their notorious notary service, they formed a pro-democracy group, encouraging female democratic participation in order to get more notary work, and soon forgot their original mission.

The League of Concerned Scientists had a similarly bizarre journey.

It began as the complete opposite. Wanting to get more government jobs without pissing off either political party, the League began as The League of Completely Unconcerned Scientists. This just made them seem lazy and nobody wants a lazy scientist, no matter his concerns. In reaction they reformed as The League of Conceited Scientists and, while they’ve never really dropped their conceit, they have since seen the value of not broadcasting this fact. Next they had the choice to reform as either The League of Chlamydian Scientists or The League of Caucasian Scientists. Worried about their only two choices, they formed a study group called The League of Concerned Scientists, and since they’re really lazy, they just kept that name. Apparently they’re only concerned about some stuff.