Eclipse Madness: Going Sane

The digital world is so alluring. It can leave us breathless, invoke love and even bring us to ourselves when it moves us to tears. But still it is not real when our emotions tell us it is real. We feel it is interacting with us. Our emotions tell us it is. But it is … Read more

Trump Derangement Syndrome: Going Sane

This is a round table discussion by three friends who were accused of having Trump Derangement Syndrome. It’s defined as having an overly emotional reaction to Trump. The person having it is paranoid and fails to perceive reality. The implied solution – possibly hospitalization and certainly a round of psychotropic drugs, probably powerful antipsychotics (does … Read more

The New and Improved Monkeypox

I can’t stop feeling like we have been down this road before. Doesn’t it sound familiar? Bottom line – we have a need for a new mRNA vaccine but with a twist. This new disease, unlike Covid, can readily be seen on the victim’s face. And as I write this more and more information is … Read more

Hey Science: Stay In Your Lane

You DO have a lane, you know. Science is taking over everything. Even theology. Ten years ago while getting an MTS I noticed articles published in theology along the lines of miracles can’t exist because science says they are not possible. It has consumed medicine and now the field of psychotherapy — not that either … Read more

Irony at the Gas Pumps

Irony is everywhere in modern America — even at our gas pumps. I was at a gas pump earlier today, filling my tank with petroleum and corn, when I glanced above the pump and noticed a small, rectangular, faded PSA sign that perfectly epitomizes what’s wrong with the country right now. I read it. I … Read more