The Abundance of Idiots

My world is daily populated by Idiots. Perhaps you have met some of them. They are the people that wait until the cashier has tallied up the last item in their shopping cart before they start rummaging through their purse to look for their check book – on second thought, they are the people that … Read more

The Subject of Black

After the murder of George Floyd, have you noticed that it is now de rigueur to capitalize the word “black” (when referring to a race, as in the opposite of white, but not when referring to a color, as in the opposite of white)? They took a vote, and passed an Act to change the … Read more

Pardon Me, Ma’am

I’ll be brief (for once). Gender identity has become a huge issue in American society, a much bigger issue than it is in, say Haiti or Sudan or Iraq. As I understand it (although I don’t, and never will), a man that wants to be a woman is a trans-female. I think that I have … Read more