Alarmed By the Sight of a Docked Super Skyscraper Cruise Ship

We were on a fishing trip at Cape Canaveral. Arriving a day before the deep sea trip we went to Jetty Park where my husband and nephew could do some shore fishing. As we rounded a bend we came upon the astonishing sight of a docked giant skyscraper cruise ship. I had never seen one at shore. They look normal at sea.

It’s a building… It’s a city block… OMG, it’s a ship!!!

My husband said, “Look at that! It looks like a monstrous chicken transporting truck where the chickens are all stacked on top of each other in cages, alive, waiting to be slaughtered.

“You know that every single day about 100 chickens die just from the stress of how they are housed? I’m going to have nightmares about this.”

And here are the chickens.

I said, “Yeah. I read that people do die on those cruises and they don’t report it (bad for
business), but it’s likely tied to a spouse wanting to get rid of their mate. As in, ‘I can’t find her. She must have fallen overboard.’ If she wasn’t dead when he shoved her overboard she will be
when she hits the water from 10 stories up.”

Me: “It reminds me of Alcatraz. All those thousands of rooms look like prison cells with windows to the sea.”

Him: “What about germs? A multilayered tower of Petri dishes. We are increasingly horrifying ourselves.”

Me: “I grew up on the ocean. I’ve been in every boat I could get my hands on and I’ve been at sea when huge waves were swelling. Did you see the movie “The Perfect Storm?” That’s what it can look like. There is NO way that top heavy skyscraper thing could survive anything like that. It looks like a skyscraper piled on top of a barge. It CAN’T be seaworthy. One big wave and ….”*

You know what else? I’ve run around on the beach picking up plastic cups and water bottles – it’s not us individuals being careless with plastic – it’s THEM. No one can see what they might be doing at 3 in the morning with their left-over plasticware. Except for the guy throwing his wife’s body over the side, but he’s not talking.

*I know, I know. They are seaworthy. It just LOOKS like they piled a skyscraper on top of a
barge and it could fall over any minute.