Do They Even See Us As Human?

One aspect of the response to the coronavirus that is increasingly obvious is that rich people don’t give a damn about poor people’s lives. I understand the desire to protect your portfolio, but is that really more important than human lives? Human lives? That’s what we’re talking about here.

I get all of the counter-arguments to not opening up our society and they are legitimate. They’re just not as important as life itself.

I really get the idea that we should be on notice for the government’s using this crisis as a chance to strip us of our remaining civil rights. We should definitely be on alert for this one. They do it every time. It’s still less important than human life, AND we can do both. We can not let them track us AND stay home for another month or two. We can weather this moment with dignity. We’re not, but we could.

With every patently-ridiculous statement coming from rich people it gets more and more obvious that they hate us. No, hate isn’t the right word. They’d have to at least consider us human before hating us. They think of us like we think of insects. We’re willing to kill bugs if they dare to land on our TV screens. Hell, we even enjoy it. They’re just minor distractions in our day.

That’s how the rich see us. Insects.