Summary of Covid Vaccine Injury: Revealing Journal and Anecdotal Reports

The Intellectual Climate on the Dangers of the Vaccine

Running rampant in public belief is that the Covid vaccines are perfectly safe, and of course, anyone refusing them is an idiot or an unscientific dolt, unpatriotic, selfish and not caring for their fellow man. These dolts insanely insist on their “rights” even if it harms others. They are bearers of the plague and enemies of the state.

Families have been torn apart with antivaxxers on the side of the devil and vaxxers on the side of righteousness.

Intelligent people with PhDs, medical degrees, doctors of jurisprudence, once capable of critical thinking now have the answer to the pandemic and they know they need look no further. There is one science and one science only — that on the side of vaccination. And that science must never, ever be questioned. It is a matter of life and death that we do not question. And even a matter of treason. (Does that sound like “real” science?)

However many, many scientists and doctors are coming out highly concerned about vaccine injury and permanent damage in the population being vaxxed. Surprisingly an article, the first of its kind, directly questions the safety of the vax. Heretofore legitimate journal articles only reported case histories of vax injury. Many hedge in attributing it to the vax. If you think the vax is perfectly safe, read this article from the International Journal of Vaccine Theory, Practice, and Research.

ER doctors are reporting alarming numbers of cases of myocarditis in young people, mostly male. We are “reassured” that “it is mild” and that they recover. However the blood tests used to make a diagnosis search for biomarkers that measure death of heart tissue. Once heart tissue dies it never regrows.

Doctors who have spoken up about this are threatened with losing their licenses. Here we see a physician reporting on the flood of myocarditis cases in his ER having to disguise his face and mask his voice so he does not get fired. Many who do speak up have lost their careers.

(Many times in this paper I resort to non-mainstream sites, denigrated by intellectuals, but legitimate mainstream media has very little information. Please overcome your scruples and keep an open mind. Included are many legitimate journal articles backing up the illegitimate source. Furthermore the scientific-minded demand double blind studies, shutting out any and all anecdotal reports. I maintain that inquiry begins with patients and their doctors reporting what is happening to them. All science starts with observation. If you do not keep on open mind you will miss reams of information).

While anecdotal reports of sudden death abound, rarely is sudden liver failure attributed to the cause. In this anecdotal account go to minute 5:41. In the video a son recounts his mother’s sudden death from the vax. He documents her outstanding health, her medical records showing no preexisting conditions (dispelling THAT myth — pumped out so you will feel perfectly safe to take the vax because you have no underlying conditions). He reads the report from the private autopsy
he had to hire because the medical examiner refused to conduct an autopsy: sudden liver failure when her medical records show a perfectly healthy liver.


Anecdotal reports of paralysis abound. Early on facial paralysis like Bell’s palsy was all that was reported anecdotally, and that emphasis is reflected in the literature. Then total body paralysis or paralysis from the waist down emerged, anecdotally in large numbers, some followed by death.

This one is the most credible report. Here a scientist, a chemist, reports on the paralysis of his formerly healthy, athletic and vigorous wife following the vax in a vaccine trial. Note that the researchers excluded her case history, throwing it out of the trial data.

Sudden MS is the possible culprit as well as a triggering of Epstein Barr. Scientists have proposed that the vax stirs up latent viruses that many people live with unscathed all of their lives. As long as they are healthy, nothing happens. The woman described above was healthier than most.

The majority of journal articles report on Bell’s palsy following the vax, but here is the one article so far about leg paralysis.

In almost a year of culling through information, I found several diseases as the result of the vax reported anecdotally and finally showing up in journal articles:

  • cancer that grows so rapidly the person is dead in 6 months
  • neurological problems so severe it looks like Alzheimer’s (could it be the Prions mentioned in
    the lengthy journal article above?)
  • perfectly functional older people suddenly needing round the clock care until they die, often in 6 months, of dementia

Neurological Damage

One of the most frequently reported effects in journals is severe neurological damage. This article covers the spectrum of neurological cases. The list of diseases is alarming.

Often when we consider these reports by practicing doctors we automatically think “There are so few cases, so the vax has to be worth it.” The following two excerpts from the article mentioned above highlight the fact that reports of adverse neurological events are “pouring in.” The rarity should be looked into further.

“Instances of serious adverse events following COVID-19 vaccinations are continuously pouring in the current scientific literature and are source of vaccine hesitancy in many persons.”

“In Europe, since March 2021, cases of cerebral venous thrombosis started pouring in following COVID-19 vaccination, particularly after administration of viral vector based (AstraZeneca ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 and the Johnson and Johnson Ad26. COV2.S) vaccines.”


14 people within my inner circle have reported sudden emergence of stage 4 cancer after the jab. One died within 6 months. While journal articles are difficult to find on this topic, here is one.

This video on the topic is an easily understood presentation by an MD.

In case you think the cancer link is absurd, Benjamin G. Ingraham was the Jet Blue pilot who died of cancer at age 31. Now the only thing you can find on Google about him is massive denial that it could have had anything to do with the vax. (If you are really “scientific” you would say, “We don’t know” instead of “We absolutely know it couldn’t be the vax,” as is reported faithfully in the media.) At the time there was a posting by another pilot saying that it is impossible for him to have had cancer for the usual length of time it takes to have cancer and die — one year, two years? Pilots go through rigorous medical exams frequently. He was a flying pilot at the time. Any cancer and a pilot is grounded. That comment has disappeared.

So we have a case of stage 4 cancer happening in a young and healthy man at an amazingly rapid rate.


Myocarditis is as frequently reported in journal articles as is neurological impairment. Look it up on Google Scholar if you want to be informed. Here is one of many articles.

Could the sudden deaths and collapse of healthy athletes on the playing filed have to do with heart problems and the vax? See this.

Alzheimer’s or dementia

I have had two friends experiencing rapidly advancing Alzheimer’s leading to death in about 6 months after the vax. Another was known by someone else. Fully functioning, living on her own, she was sent into a nursing home right after the first vax. Then in the nursing home, she died minutes after the booster was administered. All of these cases share the same characteristics: they were living on their own, fully functional; shortly following the vax they could no longer take care of themselves and were put in a home.

There is far more in the literature on neurological decline than specifically Alzheimer’s but here are some for your consideration:
Lewy bodies and Sars infection, which you may say is neither here nor there concerning the vax. However, the authors of the article from the International Journal of Vaccine Theory, Practice, and Research said the vax effects imitate the disease.
THIS is the biggie. Covid vax and Prions. So the rapid cognitive decline we are hearing about anecdotally might be prion disease presenting like Alzheimer’s. “Prion like domains in the spike protein.” So let us get this right here. We administer an RNA vax that causes our cells to manufacture spike proteins (the RNA disappears, but the spikes stay), and these were known in previous research to be connected to prions?
Literature that shows a link between mRNA and Alzheimer’s. These are mRNA vaxes.


Thrombocytopenia presents as a dangerous lowering of the platelet count. It can lead to death from
internal bleeding or lead to blood clots. These articles are just a few of many linking the vax to sudden thrombocytopenia. One article reports that 20% of people suffering from this after the vax die.

So, what might contribute to the formation of these disparate seemingly unrelated diseases after the vax. A theory follows in Part II.